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Race Other People's Bike Race Ghosts - iOS Only

New: If you're the YouTube type, check out the video instructions here:
How to Race Other People's Bike Race Ghosts (No Jailbreak)


*Note: These instructions are only for iOS. There is currently no way for Android to share best times ghosts.

If you're as big a fan of Bike Race as we are, you'll be interested to know you can race other people's fastest times. With Bike Race's newest update, you can record your own ghosts to record your best times and how you accomplished it. But how can we use this to learn new things? Copy other people's ghosts onto your own device to learn from others! Here's how.

Disclaimer: Moving files on your iPhone, or any iOS device for that matter without knowing what you're doing or where you're dropping files can corrupt your file system. Before moving anything, be sure it's what you need to move and that you're putting it in the right location. If unsure, we wouldn't recommend preceding any further.

1. Preperation

What You'll Need:

Install an iOS File Explorer

The first step is to install a program that is capable of browsing the internal file system of your iOS device. You don't have to be Jailbroken to do this! There are plenty of programs that are capable of copying files to and from the internal storage of iOS devices. Below are some program options. Any of them should work for this tutorial. Download and install whatever looks best to you.

iOS File Explorers

  1. i-FunBox (Mac & PC)(Free & Recommended)
  2. iExplorer (Mac & PC)(Trial version allows 150 MB of transfer)
  3. DiskAid (Mac & PC)(Trial version can't copy music)
*Note: iOS File Explorers need iTunes installed to work. If you're having trouble viewing files on your iOS device, make sure you have iTunes installed and your iOS device is recognized by iTunes.

2. Submit Your Best Times

Copy Your Own Ghosts Off Your Device

Copy your existing ghost files off your device using an iOS file explorer.

Using your iOS file explorer of choice, open User Applications -> BikeRaceTFG -> Documents. In the Documents folder there will be a ghost file for each of the levels.

The ghost files are in the format of [World Number]_[Level Number] (Example: 1_1, 3_8, 10_3).
See below:

Highlight all the ghost files and drag them to a folder on your desktop.

Compress the folder containing your ghosts. With Windows 7, right-click on the folder, Send to , Compressed (zipped) folder

At this point there should be a .zip folder on your desktop.

Submit Your Ghosts - New Submission Process!

Previous instructions were to email your records. The following process is new and much better. Please do not email personal best ghosts anymore.

1. Click Sign-In

2. Click Facebook

3. Enter your Facebook password, click Continue. (Bike Race Records is using Facebook logins so we don't have to store your passwords.)

4. Click Log In with Facebook

5. Update your profile information if so desired. Display name is what will show up next to your record. Bike Race Link will be displayed so other people can race you in multiplayer.

6. Select the user drop-down menu, then click "Submit Records"

7. Add files, Start upload, Submit Records

8. Your records will be added to the site. Detailed information about each record will be displayed. This page will verify that any files submitted meet the following requirements:

9. That's it! Check the home page to see your new records.

3. Race Other People's Ghosts

Download Other People's Ghosts Files

Ghost files are available to download from this webpage:

Copy New Ghosts

Copying someone else's ghost files to your iOS device is done the same way you copied your own files off the device. Highlight the ghost files (1_1, 1_2, etc) and drag them to the BikeRaceTFG Documents folder. If you downloaded a zip file of all the records, you'll have to unzip the files before copying them onto your device.

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