How to Carry Extra Fuel on a Dirt Bike

How to Carry Extra Fuel on a Dirt Bike


Are you an off-road enthusiast looking for ways to make sure you have enough fuel for as long of a ride as possible? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to bring more fuel along on your dirt bike without having to worry about the extra weight or whether or not it would fit into your hydration pack?

How to Carry Extra Fuel on a Dirt Bike

Well, look no further! Here we’ll show you how to carry extra fuel on a dirt bike, so that you can confidently hit the trails and ensure that no matter how deep in the backcountry you go, a quick pit stop won’t get left behind. Read on to learn everything from what type of containers are suitable for carrying fuel and how much extra gas should be carried, down to where exactly these little wrangling packs should take up residence on your off-roading stallion.

How to Carry Extra Fuel on a Dirt Bike

If you’re an off-road enthusiast, chances are you’ve experienced the dreaded moment when you realize that you’ve run out of gas while on a ride. To make sure it never happens again and to enjoy longer, more exciting rides, carrying extra fuel is key. While there are numerous ways to do this quickly and safely on a dirt bike, these five methods stand out as favorites.

Gas Containers Method

For any off-road rider, keeping extra fuel on hand is a must when exploring trails and courses. But lugging around a bulky can of gas can be an unwieldy hassle, which is why carrying smaller gas containers is your best bet. These unique containers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small one-liter jars to large five-liter cans. Some are even designed to conveniently attach to the frame of your dirt bike.

By packing the appropriate size for each ride, you can easily store extra fuel without the fuss. Gas containers make it safer for transport since they don’t leak or corrode like jerrycans and other makeshift alternatives. Make sure you practice proper fueling technique when using your container, disposing of any excess in approved receptacles as needed. For any passionate trail rider looking to go further than ever before, carry extra fuel with ease and efficiency by investing in quality gas containers.

Saddle Bags Method

A great way to ensure that you never have a crisis with running out of fuel on a dirt bike is to carry extra fuel in saddle bags. These types of saddle bags have been designed specifically for carrying extra fuel on dirt bikes and can fit easily behind the rider’s seat. They are lightweight, compact, and easy to use, making them ideal for anyone who likes to hit the trails on their bikes on a regular basis.

Carrying Extra Fuel on a saddle Bag

Carrying extra fuel in these bags can be highly beneficial as they provide enough space to store all your essential gear, while also helping riders avoid having to make unnecessary pit stops. In addition to this, they free up more space so you can bring along some extras that you may need during your ride.

External Tanks Method

If you are planning an extended ride on your dirt bike, it’s essential to consider how you will carry extra fuel. Fortunately, there is a solution: an external tank. Depending on the type of tank you choose, these tanks can be easily attached to your machine and provide up to 3 gallons of additional fuel, meaning less time spent worrying about running out of fuel and more time spent enjoying the ride.

Many of these tanks also come with special straps and mounting accessories designed to secure them tightly to your frame, so they don’t rattle while you ride over challenging terrain. With one of these tanks installed, you can venture further with confidence that you have enough fuel for the trip and won’t get stranded in the wilderness.

Installing An Auxiliary Tank

An auxiliary tank offers riders the ultimate convenience, allowing them to carry more fuel and extend their time out on the trails. When properly installed and maintained, a secondary fuel setup can take your riding experience to the next level. Installing an auxiliary tank is fairly simple, however, riders should make sure to quickly connect and disconnect their lines correctly.

Additionally, it’s important to keep the vent line clear of any blockages or lint buildup so that the extra fuel can properly reach the main tank where it can be consumed. By taking these precautions and using care with your equipment, you will be ready to hit the trails with more fuel capacity than ever before!

Motorcycle Backpacks Method

One of the best ways is to carry extra fuel in a motorcycle backpack designed for that purpose. These packs are usually dual compartments – one for the fuel and another for all the other belongings riders need to bring along.

Carrying Fuel on Motorcycle backpack

Before purchasing a motorcycle backpack, users should make sure it has straps that can secure every part of their back securely so they minimize vibration during travel as well as reduce friction against clothing and skin. All motorcycle backpacks should also be equipped with vents that let lots of air flow for cooling and an adjustable internal bladder which will help keep contents dry regardless of weather conditions.

Fuel Cells Method

Fuel cells are often designed to be mounted on a dirt bike, either directly to the frame or using a special rack or bracket. They can also be mounted on the rider’s back as a backpack. This makes them a great option for long-distance rides or for riders who frequently travel to remote locations where fuel may not be readily available.

Some fuel cells have a built-in pump and hose, which allows for easy transfer of fuel from the cell to the bike’s tank. This eliminates the need for a separate fuel can or container and makes it much more convenient for the rider to refill their tank on the go.

Fuel cells also come in different sizes and capacities, so riders can choose the one that best suits their needs. They are often equipped with a gauge or indicator to show the level of fuel inside, and some even have a built-in fuel filter to keep dirt and debris out of the fuel.

Fuel cells are a more expensive option than gas cans or fuel bladders, but they are also more durable and long-lasting. They are also a safer option as they are designed to prevent fuel leakage and spills, which can be a fire hazard.

How Much Extra Fuel Should I Carry?

When it comes to carrying extra fuel, the most important factor to consider is your vehicle’s range. Knowing ahead of time how far your car can travel on a full tank will let you know if you need to bring extra fuel or not. Additionally, it’s important to plan for any unexpected delays or detours along your way so that you’re never left stranded without fuel.

Making sure you have enough gasoline or diesel in the tank should always be one of the top priorities when embarking on a road trip. If possible, try to carry some type of container with backup fuel. This could come in the form of a gas canister in your trunk or an envelope of spare money tucked away for an emergency refueling point. By being prepared and smart about how much extra fuel to carry, there will be no need to worry as you journey ahead!

Can You Put Too Much Gas in a Dirt Bike?

It can be tricky to figure out how much gas a dirt bike needs and it may become overwhelming when attempting to fill a dirt bike’s tank. Fortunately, doing too much won’t cause much harm – in fact, it is almost impossible to put too much fuel into the tank. If you accidentally overfill the tank, you can siphon off any excess gas before starting up the engine.

Although today’s dirt bikes are equipped with measures such as an overflow tube or shut-off valve to prevent this kind of situation, some older bikes might require some extra care when refueling. When in doubt about the exact requirements for your dirt bike’s fuel levels, you could always check the owner’s manual for guidance.

How Do You Put Gas in a Dirt Bike?

Putting gas in a dirt bike is an essential part of keeping the bike running smoothly. The only difference between putting gas in a dirt bike and other gasoline-powered vehicles is the location of the gas tank – usually underneath a protective cover in front of, or just behind, the seat. To start, lift up the cover and unscrew the gas cap if necessary.

Carefully attach a spout to the can of gasoline and slowly fill up the tank until it’s full. After ensuring that there are no fumes coming out of it, replace the protective covering and securely fasten it back in place. Finally, make sure to recycle any leftover gasoline according to local laws or regulations.


Applying the extra fuel capacity is an important safety consideration when riding a dirt bike. By following the tips we’ve shared, you can ensure that you’re carrying enough fuel for your next off-road adventure. What other methods have you used to carry extra fuel on a dirt bike? Share your thoughts and tips in the comments below. We have explored, how to carry extra fuel on a dirt bike.

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